How to block PetalBot using Cloudflare

Block PetalBot

PetalBot is a website crawling bot of the Petal search engine. I have recently noticed in one of the news websites that I manage started getting a large number of requests from the bot. It kept getting worse, to the point that it started increasing the server load. So, I finally had to block the

How to reset WordPress installation

While developing a WordPress website, we sometimes, end up doing some mistakes, or doing specific customization, which we want to erase completely, and RESET the WordPress site back to default data. We can achieve this in the following ways : Easy Way ( using a plugin ): The easiest way to reset WordPress installation is

Best free Git GUI application for Windows : Sourcetree

I have tried several git GUI applications in my windows development environment and I have found Sourcetree to be the best git GUI application to be best. Let me share a few features of it. Integration with many remote git services You can easily add a remote git account from various services like Azure DevOps,