WordPress Speed Optimization

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If your site is fast , there is high chance that you retain your visitors and improve Search engine ranking as well. It is proven that website load time is directly proportional to conversion rate. Your website Site speed reflects how quickly your website responds to requests from visitors.

Our Optimization service includes the following

Optimize Images

Implementing proper image sizes & reducing image sizes without compromising quality, greatly improve website load time reducing page size.

Theme & Plugins Analysis

We will perform a complete analysis of your theme and all the plugins installed for website performance increase.

Database Tuning

Database optimization is a key step in improving website load time. This helps in removing unnecessary junk data and tables from your database.

Optimize HTML code

Optimizing html code will ensure that you have proper minified html code in your site.

Optimize CSS & Javascript files

Removing unnecessary javascript and css files and minimizing their size will greatly improve your website speed.

Setting up CDN

CDN( Cloud Delivery Network) implementation for static files like images, css and javascript in your website improves load time.

Enable Caching

Proper implementation of caching at server and browser level will boost your website response time.

Hosting Server Analysis

Your hosting server can be a bottleneck for your website. Analysis on your web server will help you make informed decision on hosting.

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