We can customize BuddyPress to meet your every need, so you can have your own easy to run social networking site, with all the functionality you need. FREE Full Training provided as part of the package

Why create a Social Networking site?

Are you a school or college? With BuddyPress your students can meet, collaborate on projects, socialize and get to know each other online. You can create and manage blogs to inspire other students, and create an interactive learning environment
Are you a business organization? BuddyPress allows your staff to interact socially as well as collaborate on projects online. This creates close ties between your employees, which incentivizes staff to remain in the company.
Is your website targeted at your customers? You can save yourself a fortune in market research by engaging directly with your customers and encouraging them to comment on products and services. This also leads to enhanced customer satisfaction – because your customers will know that you care about and value their opinions
Are you working on a special project, like a book, or a movie? With a social networking site, you can build interest from the start of your project and engage with your fans.

What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a plugin which can be added onto WordPress based websites to add the dimension of Social Networking to the site. Think of Facebook but a smaller version, designed to meet the needs of your community, whether you are a college, a company, an institution, or simply a website where like-minded people gather to get to know each other and discuss matters of common interest.

Do I need BuddyPress on my site?

If you want your members, employees, students, or fellow enthusiasts to be able to meet and interact via your site, then BuddyPress is for you. It gives everyone the freedom and ability to meet, chat, hold discussions, collaborate on projects, and build relationships, while maintaining exclusivity and privacy – because only registered users can participate, and you can set the parameters of who has access to the various areas of your site.
This builds a vital communication link between the members of your organization, and allows them to connect and engage with each other socially. It also gives you the power to instantly update everyone in your organization whenever you need to. If you want to create and manage staff and employer blogs within your site, you can do so. Educational institutions can create an online collaboration for students, and easily manage student and teacher blogs. The inter-organizational communication possibilities are limitless.

What are the features of BuddyPress?

Buddypress has many feature and the best part is you can turn on or off any of them or extend the existing or even create new one by adding new module.
Here are default features that buddypress has out of the box :

  • Extended profile pages which can be used to allow users to get to know each, or introduce new members
  • Activity Streams (like Facebook updates) which update instantly
  • A Status Wall for each user
  • Private messaging
  • Groups
  • Discussion Forums with easy BuddyPress plugin integration
  • Multi-site blogging

Because Social Network with Buddypress is open-source, we can easily add or remove features to your specifications.BuddyPress is built on a solid WordPress platform, so you have no integration problems with your WordPress site

How can WPboys help me integrate BuddyPress into my site?

We provide a complete service. You tell us what features you want, and we take the original BuddyPress plugin and customize it to meet your exact needs. We can integrate features such as friends, forums, groups, comments and moderation so your website functions in a way that is optimal for your needs, and those of your users.
It is very important that a site has a uniform theme. We, at WordPressboys, will customize BuddyPress so that all areas of the site flow seamlessly into each other, and integrate the chosen theme into all features, so that your site is instantly recognizable whether you are in forum, or on your homepage.

We guarantee that we will deliver a BuddyPress optimized site which is easy to run, update and manage, and that we will always be available if you need our assistance

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