Why WordPress and what it can do for your business?
More than 14 per cent of Alexa’s Internet’s top million websites use WordPress – these include such heavy weights as The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, eBay and Sony, to name a few.

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System which can build a blog, a corporate website, a ecommerce website or anything.
Wordpress empowers the site owner – whereas other systems leave you at the mercy of your developer when you need to update information, with WordPress you will find yourself able to make modifications at a moment’s notice.

If WordPress is so easy, why do you need WPboys?
Wordpress is an open source, free blogging tool and content management system based on PHP and MySQL. While it is very easy to use as a website platform, it becomes more complicated to set up and configure with all the required features for your needs.
Because WordPress is open source, developers are adding new features and patches to it every day. Without a dedicated team keeping up with the latest developments, many of which roll out on an almost daily base, you will not be able to maintain a cutting edge, trouble free site. This is where the WPboys come in. We specialise in all aspects of WordPress, and keep up to date with all modifications and changes. Our experience means we can help you get a simple blog up and running, or we can design a WordPress site complex enough to meet your every business need.

What about SEO?
Many of our clients have heard of SEO, but don’t understand it. Let us put it simply. Imagine your website is a house. An expert builder can build a mansion for you, but if there are no roads, and that house is not on the map, no-one will be able to visit you, or know where to find you. Good SEO means your site is on the map and accessible.
Most web development companies offer SEO services as an add-on extra. We at WPboys treat SEO as the bricks and mortar of the site. We build it in, so while you will still have to market your site, your SEO infrastructure is an integral part of how we develop your site.