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What are membership sites?

Membership sites allow you to charge for access to information in password protected areas of your website which can allow you to earn on-going recurring income from subscribers. In the paid section of your site you can offer exclusive information, software, eBooks, music, video downloads, educational material – whatever you can think of. There are a surprising amount of people willing to pay for premium online content, and membership sites are emerging as cutting edge revenue models.

What can a membership site can do for you, your product, or your passion?

With membership sites, you have the advantage of building a strong relationship with a group of like-minded, loyal followers – and by gaining their trust you can successfully market your products to them. Because you are able to interact with your followers at an exclusive, personal level, you will develop valuable insight into what products and marketing strategies will serve your business best.

How do I get a membership site to work for me?

The key to successful membership sites is a targeted, specific theme that will appeal to your target audience. Obviously you have to do your homework and investigate whether your concept has a market, and the potential to generate followers loyal enough to pay for your exclusive content, and it goes without saying that you have to provide the goods. If you provide sterling information and goods, you will have customers for life. Once you have these details worked out, you can start creating a marketing funnel to monetize your site.

What are the advantages to building a membership site with WPBoys?

  • There are many free and paid membership plugins available, but when you customise a site, you need technical knowledge to know which are the best to use, and sometimes even the plugin needs additional coding to provide you with the features you want and need. An incompatible plugin can easily cause system errors, or even crash your site entirely. WPBoys can advise you which plugins, whether free or paid, are the most compatible with your site, so your site always runs smoothly and without a hitch
  • We will discuss your goal and needs for your membership site, and work with you to create a site that fulfils yours and your members needs
  • We have the expertise to customize themes and plugins so they are exactly right for your requirements so you can offer forums, downloads, videos, support and whatever other features you need for your membership site to be successful

Yes, I want a membership site.
How can the WPBoys help me to achieve my goal?

Do you want to be burdened with the technical details of running your site, or do you want to spend time creating great content and marketing your site? We at WPBoys take full responsibility for all the coding and technical aspects that your website needs to function perfectly, leaving you free to do your part to create great online content and keep the members engaged.

At WPboys, your success is our success!

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