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We have the expertise and experience to develop fully customizable websites of distinction which will ensure a strong online presence which will showcase your small business, market your product, and streamline your operation. Read more

We could load you with jargon, but we are going to skip that, and tell you – in plain English – what we can do to give your small business a successful online presence. A strong online presence is critical for any business in today’s tough economic climate. This is what you need from your website and what we can do for you to ensure people can find your site, and once there are inspired to become loyal customers. The following points are all integral to the success of your online presence, and this is what you can expect us to deliver:

Because your success is our success.

If you are looking for a web developer, you are either seeking to establish a first-time online presence for your business, or you have an existing website which needs updating. Here is what you need to know, and what we can do for you.

  • A professional looking site that stands out from the crowd and inspires confidence, with a design that is accessible and easy for a first time user to understand which works perfectly every time– because if potential customers don’t easily find what they want, they will go elsewhere.
  • A well-designed homepage that tells customers they have come to the right place. They should instantly know what your product is and be able to easily find information on it.
  • A site that is easy to find (Search Engine Optimization should be built into the site from the beginning – it should not be an unforeseen add-on you discover you need when you realise your site is getting no traffic). A well-coded site will include plenty of links and keywords, correctly named page titles and URLS, and clean code that can easily be read by search engines.
  • A site that carries some of the workload of your business, so you don’t need additional staff to do what your site can automate – for instance, taking orders, automated billing and so on.
  • Listing in all major search engines.
  • An easy to navigate site map so your product descriptions stand out and invite users to become a loyal customers – someone new to the site should be able to access all content easily from any page.
  • Easy to find contact information – so your clients can contact you on their own terms (email, telephone, Skype).
  • A clear call to action and easy payment options – a well-designed site will make it easy for an interested person to become a paying customer.
  • A site that makes use of social networking in the most effective way possible, so you can keep your customers informed of specials and ensure they don’t forget about you.
  • Customer testimonials – people want to hear from someone that what you offer is worth their time and money.
  • A clear description of who you are, establishing your authority in the market.
  • Great content – we provide you with the platform to make your content shine.
  • Security and reliability – it is imperative to keep your content management system updated. This is an inclusive part of our service.
  • At WPBoys our aim is to make you look good – because that is how we look good. Our client’s success is our success, so we are invested in providing you with the best possible service and product.

At WPboys, your success is our success!

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